SRSLY SORRY is all about having fun and fessing up.  We bring you hilarious, absurd, and intriguing apologies or confessions from your peers and famous folks alike.  We can all fess up for something!

The key to a great Srsly Sorry submission!

We find that the best, and the most hilarious or interesting apologies happen when you really delve deep.   Try to remember those moments in your life that were so amazingly atrocious, you never told anyone, or the people you did tell burst out laughing.  Sometimes they come from last night, other times they spring up from past memories.  You can even get creative with history, or animals, or whatever you like … Remember – details, details, details.  You can always elect to remain anonymous.  The best sorry’s are typically the ones that we can all relate to!

How do I submit to Seriously Sorry?

Once you’ve got a great apology in mind, simply click the FESS UP button on the home page, and fill out the form.  You can remain anonymous if you want to.

I just submitted, why isn’t my apology up yet?

Each apology is approved by us before going live on the site.  Don’t worry if your apology isn’t posted up right away, check back later and it may be.  Due to the amount of submissions, we simply can’t post every apology. Don’t feel slighted if yours doesn’t make the site, just send us another.

What’s with the Historical and Fictional posts?

SRSLY SORRY supports creativity.  Not everyone needs to confess for spooning their neighbors dog, sicko.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t think up an apology of your own, based off history, entertainment, politics, current events, animals, or whatever you want.  The possibilities are endless.

What’s the deal with the SS Favorites button?

Seriously Sorry favorites are picked by the SS crew.  They are the ones we love the most!

What’s up with the SEND-A-SORRY’s?

If you are really adventurous, you can send a physical card (not an e-card) to a friend or relation.  Imagine receiving an actual card with a funny or interesting apology inside.  Maybe it relates to that person’s life, maybe it doesn’t, either way, it will make their day.  To send-a-sorry, either click on the “send card” button underneath an individual post, or head straight to the SEND-A-SORRY page and enter your own message. Cards are a measly $3.

Free Stickers?

Totally.  Just send us an email with your address and we will send you some stickers. Email us at

Some of this stuff is pretty crude?

We have a pretty loose filter here at SRSLY SORRY.  We find that honesty is always the most entertaining policy.  If it offends, well, srsly sorry!

Why would I ever Donate my money to you guys?

Running this site takes a ton of time, effort, and money (hosting, giveaways, merchandise, etc.)  We want to keep the site frequently updated, and running smoothly for your continued entertainment.  If you feel so inclined, please donate.

I love your site, how can I contact you guys?

For booking information, or just to shout at us, please send an email to