Dear Julia H., Highschool, Little Rock 2001,

You threw a huge house party when your parents left town one weekend, so, naturally I was there.  Pretty much all of our friends were there and everything was awesome until I got hit with the urge to take the largest dump in my life.  So, I snuck back into your parents bathroom because I didn’t want anyone to go in the bathroom after me or walk in on me or whatever, no one wants to take a dump at a big party, but I couldn’t control it.  Anyways, I got back there and did what I needed to do.  I was finishing up and went to flush… then it happened.  The toilet clogged.  I was frantically trying to find a plunger or anything to solve the problem… then the poopy water started to back up…OMG I was freaking out.  Luckily, it didn’t overflow, but I had abandon the scene.  Srsly sorry that you probably discovered it the next day, and the had to deal with the poop clogged toilet I left behind.

- Jayden

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