Dear Mormon Girls in L.A. during my Senior Trip,

Me and my buddies were on our senior trip when we met you and your girlfriends who were also on a senior trip. We quickly learned that y’all we’re from Utah and you were mormons. After learning this fact, we figured you guys weren’t gonna be that much fun, but we were dead wrong. We partied hard all night long, one thing lead to another, and I found myself naked with two of you in the condo bedroom.  Yes, reader, you heard correct, I wound up in the middle of a mormon three-some – something you don’t hear very often.  So, why am I srsly sorry?  The threesome was awesome, but when it was over I grabbed the closest piece of cloth to clean up with which was one of your blouses and I think I may have unintentionally insulted your religion with some comment about Joseph Smith… so, for soiling your nice blouse and insulting your beliefs, I am srsly sorry.

- P.A.

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