Dear Mexican Family at the Camp Grounds,

You were out trying to have a nice family outing with your four small children, and one tent.  We were out trying to party, because that’s what camping is for.  So, we had a few drinks and we were throwing the football around to each other.  One of the passes was way off, but I went for it at full speed, drunkenly lost my balance, and went tumbling THROUGH the side of your tent.  At that moment, four little children came running out of the tent screaming in fear at the strange drunk guy who just slammed through their tent. I think I kinda landed on one of them, but she seemed ok.  Anyways, srsly sorry that I ruined your only tent, literally ripped a gaping hole in the side.  At least I had a $100 bucks on me to make it up to you, slightly, and at least it wasn’t cold that night.  I blame myself, and the overcrowded camp-grounds for putting camping spots so close to one another.

- Matt S.

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