Dear Grandpa,

Srsly sorry, but just because you are like 96 it doesn’t mean you can grab my wife’s boobs and then act like you don’t know whats going on.  I’m onto you old man… I’m on to you.

- Grandson

Dear Krsytal,

Dammit it all.  The one time you catch me looking at another woman’s boobs, they happen to be your sisters. Sorry that she’s in high school, and she’s hot, like, really hot.  Forgive?

- your boyfriend

Dear hot bartender at Crickets,

Last night, when my friend asked how big a tip he needed to give you to see your boobs, you could have made a lot of money, and you could have made an awesome story for a couple of drunk college kids.  Instead you had us kicked out.  Sorry you’re a prude.

- bradley

Dear Dudes of the World,

My girlfriend has awesome boobs. And I get to touch them. Not actually sorry for anything, unless you don’t get to touch boobs on a regular basis.  If so, sorry bros.

- Matt

Dear female student, 4th Period, Bio.
Sorry for googling your boobs in a way you would notice. Normally I’m good at eyeing them discreetly. But if you’re going to wear a really low V neck top and you have at least DD’s… Well, do you blame me?

- Mr. R

Dear ex,

I showed the pictures of your saggy spider vein titty to everyone.   srry.

- anonymous

Dear residents of small house in the country outside of Lewisville – Halloween 2005,
If you happened to look outside around 2 am, I am sorry for what you saw.  A giant ladybug having drunk sex with a sexy Gumby on your front lawn is no site for honest church going folks that I imagine you are.  Happy Halloween.  Srsly sorry.

- the Giant Ladybug

Dear bat shit crazy lady who lives below me,

I’m sorry I avoid you like I might catch a deadly disease from you, but every time you corner me into talking all i can think about is how you aren’t wearing a bra.  Your boobs are weird.  Sorry, I am an avoiding a**hole.

- Lesley M


I saw your little sisters boobs.  I feel kinda weird about it cuz she’s only 14, but, honestly, she is well developed for her age.  Plus, it was an accident, she doesn’t even know I saw them. I guess I’m saying srsly sorry because I masturbated to it later that day.

- anonymous