Dear Srsly Sorry Readership,

On the off-hand chance that you still view this site sometimes, we would like to say that we are srsly sorry for the lack of updates.  Honestly, it’s got nothing to do with you…it’s us.  First we thought we were gonna get raptured, so we said, “fuck it: let’s party.”  Turns out life goes on.  Next, our girlfriend accidentally pocket dialed us while she was having hot rough hipster sex (at least that’s how it is in our nightmares) with some d-bag.  After that we picked up and moved to the land of babes and earthquakes.  Now that we are settled in to our closet sized apartment in druggy-ville USA (aka the Tenderloin district in San Francisco) we are looking forward to sifting through submitted apologies and finding some disgustingly hilarious gems sent in from sicko’s like you and me.

- srsly sorry

Dear “Potential”,

Sorry I never lived up to you. But I’m very happy with my life, I’ll never be a millionaire, but I’m okay with that.

- Nic